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Simple Rules for a Bio

The author bio is a challenge if you're a new writer, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, a few simple details and you'll be good until that first elusive sale happens.

Keep your bio short. Your work should speak for itself.

Write in the appropriate person. For your blog, keep it personal. First person will help

the reader feel a part of the conversation. For a query letter, use first person as well.

For a submission to a contest or journal, write in 3rd person.

No one wants or needs to her your extended history. Stick to only those items that

support your work as a writer. This does not include that Grandma Jean loves your


If you're an authority on abnormal psychology or genetic testing AND it is associated

with your writing, include it. If not, leave it out.

List any publications you've sold to or contests you've won. Do not worry if you

haven't. Again, the work should speak for itself.

List your website and/or social media if they are relevant to your writing.

The bio is a tool for the writer, but it's not the attraction. Your body of work is where the interest should lie. Best of luck in your submissions!

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